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My intentions for coming months

At the moment I'm working to my university thesis and I have just a little time to improve my android knowledges. But I'm trying to getting used with new features of last android version (Fragments,....) that you'll find in the next version of WhatsUp, the android beta version for LifePartecipation team.

Then I want to try/study HTML5, PHP, other design patterns that I don't know and WP7 or iOS.

Android experience in the last year

My android experience started last year when during the first university semester when I saw my first android phone and in the same period I had the opportunity to know Massimo Carli. Then I bought an android phone and the italian android book "Guida per lo sviluppatore" (even that of Massimo Carli) and I started to study the background of this platform.

It was my first experience far from university that allowed me to build the background for new thoughts and interests. After one long and intense month, in which I did a lot of little example apps, I started to build my first android application My School Manager that I have developed for many months (at the moment I have to do many things for my studies and as soon as possible I'll do some updates).
Then I developed some minor apps but that granted me to improve my knowledges: YummesWallpaper  a livewallpaper based on AndEngine, Sushi Clock and the simple card game Memory.

During the summer I have worked with services, receivers, gps and maps and now I'm developing the android application for the LifePartecipation Team that will help me to build my thesis next year and to refine my own abilities.

After this long year I'm really happy to announce that I have learned a lot of things in particular a way of work that nobody teaches you: organized and studied avoiding "attempts".

Thanks to google, to android team and to all that have taught something interesting to me,