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My School Manager

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Link to Android Market (LITE Version)

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My School Manager is an Android app for parents and students that allows you to replace your shool diaries. Every year you are tired to spent more than 12$ for your school and My School Manager helps you to avoid that: once for all.

Every year, My School Manager will manage your semester and all that things that are related with school.

This app can be can be consider as an agenda by that parents that want to track the children's school progresses with related meetings and appointments.


My School Manager takes care of:
  - gracefully handle profiles
  - save reminders
  - manage appointments
  - automatically manage the semester each year
  - keep track of marks
  - gracefully handle the subjects
  - get feedback on marks


Features for next version (2.3):
  - notes for marks
  - widget for diary
  - some fix