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Brain teaser

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When you were child, like other children, you had certainly lods of card games. 
Now your are a boy or a girl....or maybe you are an adult!
Where is it the child that is hidden in you? As you are grow up, the technology is grown up... but the best games are ones that were when you were a little child. Now is time to get back to play card games!


More than 180 differents cards in more than usually 2-3 decks. Differents game difficulty level will make it more various and fascinating. In this game you will earn game's coins that you'll use to unlock new decks and new cards!
It's simply and funny but with some aspects more than others!


CARDS and DECKS (actually 182 cards in 5 decks)
- signals
- fruit
- numbers
- geometrics
- flags


- Easy      (grid 4x4)
- Medium    (grid 5x4)
- Difficult (grid 5x6)


Both! If you want you can play in singleplayer mode
or with another friend in multiplayer match.


Time is running out............